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Re: Has "NCC" Ever Been Explained On Screen?

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Probably a hold-over from UESPA - United Earth Space Probe Agency. When the United Federation of Planets was formed, they likely preserved the "U" for that very reason.
Except we know from Enterprise that Earth Starfleet, which was eventually established as being affiliated with or part of UESPA, didn't use the "USS" designator on its ships. NX-01 wasn't USS Enterprise, it was just Enterprise. So the USS usage only began after the Federation was founded.

...something just occurred to TOS, have we ever seen anything other than Connies with a registry number? Could not the "CC" in NCC stand for "Constitution Class"? What if the USS Reliant should have been "NMC-1864" for "Miranda Class"? I know that was before "Miranda" was ever assigned as a class name (a name which I never liked to begin with), but is it possible that the letters in the registry could indicate the class name? It's likely an interesting coincidence, but still...
In TOS per se, the 1966-69 live-action television series, I don't think we did. But the animated series showed us ships of other classes with NCC numbers, like the USS Huron NCC-F1913 (called "SS Huron" in dialogue) and the robot frieghter NCC-G1465. In the movies, the Epsilon IX comm chatter in TMP mentioned the scouts Columbia NCC-621 and Revere NCC-595. And of course in later TOS-cast movies we saw the Reliant NCC-1864, Excelsior NCC-2000 (nee NX-2000), Grissom NCC-638, etc.

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^He said "in TOS"...but FWIW, I don't think that in TOS, it had even been established that the Enterprise was a "Constitution-class" vessel...the dedication plaque said "Starship Class".
The name originally comes from the script for "Space Seed," and a graphic labeled "Constitution Class" was made for that episode, but not seen onscreen until "The Trouble With Tribbles" and not fully legible even then. The name was known from fan sources for decades, but it wasn't until TNG's "The Naked Now" that the TOS Enterprise was explicitly confirmed as Constitution class.
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