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Re: My MicroHeroes

Star Trek: Titan, 2380

Commanding Officer – Captain William Riker – Human, Male
A leader, a soldier, an explorer, a diplomat, his many qualities make him uniquely qualified to lead the new mission into the Gamma Quadrant.

First Officer – Commander Nurati Kel Sorann – Rigellian (Rigel VI), Female
A gifted officer who is destined for great things, though needs ‘seasoning’. Ambitious and eager, she leapt at the chance to serve with Riker.

Chief Counsellor/Diplomatic Officer – Commander Deanna Troi – Betazoid/Human, Female
She is Riker’s wife, friend and confidant. Her empathic abilities prove useful when helping crewmembers with problems or meeting new aliens.

Chief Science Officer – Lt. Commander Raax – Tiburonian, Male
An excellent researcher and scientist, he often focuses a little too much on his work rather than his life, but he is highly sought after.

Chief Security/Tactical Officer – Lt. Commander Gerard Deltour – Human, Male
Born on the New Paris colony, he always knew he wanted to go into Starfleet. Throughout his career he has been commended for his bravery.

Chief Engineering Officer – Lieutenant Parminder Sharma – Human, Female
One of the many rushed through the Academy during the War, she has spent years learning on the job and works very well under pressure.

Chief Medical Officer – Lieutenant Gath chim Hjor – Tellarite, Male
Young and athletic, he dislikes the stereotype of Tellarites. That being said he is very forthright and will stand up for himself when necessary.

Chief Operations Officer – Lieutenant JG Maia – Benzite, Female
With a brilliant analytical mind and a habit for being very straight-forward and blunt, she needs to learn how to relax.

Chief Flight Control Officer – Lieutenant JG Kirothrin Rharr – Caitian, Male
Young and impulsive, he wants adventure and excitement in his life so he joined Starfleet. He is a good-natured, fun-loving jock at heart.
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