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Re: Benedict Cumberbatch /John Harrison [SPOILERS]

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Did you miss the part where he explains his background?
Which could have been replaced with any form of exposition, really. Instead of Khan and his followers, it could have been John Harrison and a bunch of other officers Starfleet experimented on as lab rats. In fact that might have made more sense as it would have given them a more legitimate reason to be pissed with Admiral Marcus.
Changing the exposition wasn't brought up, only dropping the name itself.
My point was that not that much of the exposition would have changed instead of "I'm Khan, genetically enhanced superhuman from the 20th century. I'm seeking revenge on Admiral Marcus because he's a douche" we would have "I'm John Harrison, Starfleet officer used as a lad rat in experiments in genetic engineering. I'm seeking revenge on Admiral Marcus because he's a douche."
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