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Re: Enterprise, Star Trek Falling On It's Own Bat'Leth!

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That's very sweet of you. When I eventually choke down a TNG rewatch I will keep this in mind as a personal goal.
Well I never recall you saying anything bad about TNG(or that I think about it anything at all...) ... but to your statement who can ask more?

I fully admit TNG was what I grew up on, and is always something that makes me smile. It may not be fair that I don't hold Voyager or Enterprise up to it's standards.... but how can I avoid it? TNG was good... and then DS9 raised the bar so high that no Trek franchise could match. But I can dream that one day one will.
I don't like being a hater. I might have had a few characters over the years I've hated on but they've all somehow muddled their way into redemption other than Riker so now all my hating falls on him. Oh and TATV.

I grew up on TOS reruns which I was in love with. The usual blah blah blah socially odd child who relates to Spock and is inspired by Star Trek. I was a walking trope LOLOL..

Then, as an adult, I had friends who had bought the TNG videos come over each week for a TNG session. I was happy to watch Star Trek and I was happy that Star Trek was continuing but never fell in love with it. Some of it was just so embarrassing.. though I readily admired Picard as a captain and I appreciated how they took a deliberate step to make him quite different than Kirk. Never was enamored with him like Kirk but I appreciated him.

Some years later I started renting DS9 videos and I was like.. OMFG. THIS IS TELEVISION. And the instant I was done with that I started renting VOY videos and I was laughing my ass off over the humor and loving the mood shift from DS9 and I was very very happy. I LOVED THEM BOTH SO MUCH!! And of course I still loved TOS, I had bought all the videos on ebay and it was actually better than I remembered and Kirk was hotter than I remembered too

With ENT I was bored watching on tv here, playing at midnight with endless phone sex ads, put on hold for every possible sport.. but then I watched it in my own time with no ads and when I got to season 3 I was shocked at how good it was. And when I watched season 4 I found myself thinking this was some of the best Trek I had ever seen (and yes, fanwank, totally agree.. still enjoy it.)

I don't have a conversion story with TNG. It's too bad, but 5 out of 6 is still a lovely success (I have left out my TAS tale of happiness, LOL).

I totally get that a lot of people got hooked on Trek with TNG and it is special. And I am very happy it did just that because that's why we are still getting movies and you and I can still hope that one day we may be watching and reviewing and bitching about a series that surpasses them all.
Well... to me.... TOS was the movies. The actual episodes just seemed cheesy to me. TNG was what I grew up on. There were a few exceptions mind you, but Picard was the Trekkly god figure to me as a child.

Then came DS9.... oh my god, I remember Ds9 first as being a god awful abomination..... why did they steal O'brien from us? I was wrong and however in hindsight was I pleased to be.

Then came Voyager..... this was probably the series I was most eager to love. I -wanted- to love it..... yet it didn't deliver for me. I even gave up on the series in favor of Ds9. The premise of Voyager utterly fascinated me.... it just failed to deliver. How cool would it be to have a half Maquis crew? Oh wait.... they're completely assimilated within a year.

I openly proclaim Voyager to be the most disappointing Trek series. The worst? Hardly. In fact.... frankly.... it occurs to me, I watch Voyager these days more often than TOS..... nostalgia aside..... I think VOY does rank 3rd on my list these days. I just repent that it could've been so much better.... is that bad?
"I was never a Star Trek fan." J.J. Abrams
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