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Re: Enterprise, Star Trek Falling On It's Own Bat'Leth!

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Teacake, I say this without irony. You're an example of the idealism of all us Trekkies. You always see the best. We can argue what that is, but never do you fail to look upon the franchise in a positive light.
That's very sweet of you. When I eventually choke down a TNG rewatch I will keep this in mind as a personal goal.
Well I never recall you saying anything bad about TNG(or that I think about it anything at all...) ... but to your statement who can ask more? I still qualify you as a "pure" Trekkie in your love for the franchise as you seldom criticize any of it.

I fully admit TNG was what I grew up on, and is always something that makes me smile. It may not be fair that I don't hold Voyager or Enterprise up to it's standards.... but how can I avoid it? TNG was good... and then DS9 raised the bar so high that no Trek franchise could match. But I can dream that one day one will.
"I was never a Star Trek fan." J.J. Abrams
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