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Re: DS9/VOY...if it happened differently...

Heck, Starfleet was willing to overlook Eddington's affiliation with the Maquis... to save them from themselves. It's really sad, that their greatest enemy in that regard was themselves. Eddington... and every other Maquis.... really wasn't that bad of a guy. They were right about Cardassia in the end. The Federation fucked up... that is all the 2370 treaty was about.

I mean no disrespect to the Native Americans.... who by being in space are no longer native or american.... but Chakotay's imaginary tribe is a freaking insult. If you're going to invent a culture at least make it one that is realistic. I completely own up to the fact that we Westerners screwed the Native Americans.... but parodying them isn't the way to own up to it.
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