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Re: DS9/VOY...if it happened differently...

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Cal Hudson played by Bernie Casey. That would've been interesting as he certainly wasn't a dull character, whatever else. Sisko's former friend would've been something of a tie in to the series.
That's him, thanks R.Star!

R. Star wrote: View Post
Obviously that premise was swapping Hudson for Chakotay as the show was. Besides, I'd bet they offered a job to every Maquis in prison in exchange for parole, as the war got worse and their manpower was depleting itself.
He was a good solid actor and an interesting character who we actually saw turn his back on Starfleet for what he believed was a just cause. I'd have found him more enjoyable to watch in a series.

I'd assume that Starfleet would be willing to overlook Maquis affiliation in the midst of the war in order to boost their numbers--desperate times and all that.
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