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Re: Voth vs. the Borg

Based on what we've seen of the Voth, it seems as though the Voth have technology probably equivalent to what we've seen the Federation have in the 29th or 31st century (ball parking).

I would guess the Voth surely don't out number the Borg in any capacity, heck, the species seems to live on a ship floating amongst the stars with no actual home planet (that they know of) but they surely seem to be able to out power the Borg.

The Borg could, more then likely, mount an attack so massive against the Voth that they would widdle them down, but by the time they did, the causalities to the Borg may not be worth it, that is assuming they could corner them.

We seem to get the impression the Voth have a stronger mastery of Transwarp then the Borg do.
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