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Re: Voth vs. the Borg

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The Borg. They have assimilated technology of millions.
That'd be thousands, surely? The Borg species designations barely scrape into the five digit range.
As far as we know, the lowest numbered species was Species 116, Arturis' species; and the highest was Species 10026 from Voyager's Dark Frontier. The Borg would seem to number species as they meet them. So they've meet at least 10,026 species. The Species designation may go into the low hundred thousands, but that is just pure speculation on my parts. In First Contact, the Queen says:

Brave words. I've heard them before, from thousands of species across thousands of worlds, since long before you were created. But, now they are all Borg.
So I think combining what she said along with the highest mentioned Species number, tens of thousands would be a good estimate of how many species are now Borg.
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