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The least disliked episode of VOY - Season Seven

This is a game that was played here a couple of years ago, and it proved to be a lot of fun, spanning across each Trek series, as well as a great way to mentally revisit those episodes you may not have thought about in a while. With that in mind, why not play again?

So, here's the game. The basic idea is your standard elimination game. I'll provide a list of the episodes for each season and you need to eliminate your least favorite or the one you deem the 'worst.' Please provide an EXPLANATION for why you are eliminating your choice and be sure to copy and paste the list with your choice removed. Finally, leave at least 2 eliminations by other posters before you eliminate another episode.

No tactical voting! You cannot remove an episode because you feel they would threaten your preferred episode's chance to win.
Pretty simple. Enjoy!

The Original Series - Balance of Terror
The Next Generation - The Measure of a Man
Deep Space Nine - In the Pale Moonlight
Voyager -

Season One - Phage
Season Two - Death Wish
Season Three - Worst Case Scenario
Season Four - Living Witness
Season Five - Timeless
Season Six - Life Line
Season Seven -

Unimatrix Zero (II)
Critical Care
Inside Man
Body and Soul
Flesh and Blood (I)
Flesh and Blood (II)
The Void
Workforce (I)
Workforce (II)
Human Error
Author, Author
Friendship One
Natural Law
Renaissance Man
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