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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Jedda's the guy who shouts "phasers down!" and then gets zapped by Terrell.

In the original version of the Kirk/David fight, when Carol shocks everyone be revealing that Kirk and David are father and son--Terrell snatches the Phaser from 'Jedda' while his is distracted.

It's not explained in the final cut where Terrell gets that phaser. Presumably Chekov picks up the phaser that David knocked from Kirk's hand at the beginning of the scuffle.

Terrell's got two phasers - one in his hand and another on his belt. Plus there's the one Chekov has, which makes three. Now one is presumably the one Kirk drops in the fight with with David, so maybe the others were surrendered by McCoy and Saavik, and picked up by Terrell and Chekov when Jedda was distracted by David and Kirk? I can't tell if Jedda has one when Terrell vaporises him. It's not really clear in the finished scene as you say.

Wow, i've seen the movie so many times and never realized that Chekov and Terrell were armed BEFORE the scuffle!

But for sure in the workprint Terrell disarms Jedda and brandishes that phaser.
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