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Re: Enterprise, Star Trek Falling On It's Own Bat'Leth!

Eh, everyone has a right to their opinion, positive or negative. If there's one thing this forum is familiar with, it's negative opinions. C'mon, we have a new "TATV suxxx!!1!!" thread here every month or so. I love this show to pieces, but I also know it had its flaws, like any other show. I could ask for posters to try to take the emotion out of the mix and discuss things a little more objectively, but hey, this is Star Trek. It's a very passionate fandom. And Enterprise did not have a good death or a dignified exit, in the opinion of some, including me. Oh, how I wish we'd had 3 more seasons.

This is a discussion board, so a variety of opinions are welcome. I'll be happy if folks refrain from trying to bash each other over the head with their viewpoints and stay respectful of others even when you don't agree. Okay?

As for the OP, I don't think any self-respecting writer sets out to do bad work. But alas, professional writing by assignment isn't done in a vacuum. There are so many other people who have input and/or approval, whether they know effective story structure or not. And there are budget considerations, time constraints (especially in TV), network suits sticking their noses into things, and so forth. Add a fledgling network, inconsistent advertising, constant preemptions, and the everpresent threat of cancellation, and that will have an impact on the storytelling as well.

I assume the writers did they best they could given the circumstances. Many writers will be the first to tell you what didn't work about a story, and how they wish they'd had an extra week or a freer hand to fix it. But I think Enterprise had many outstanding episodes.
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