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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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I don't understand why people can so easily accept Lex Luthor as a credible threat to Superman but then are so incredulous at the idea that Batman can play a useful role in a team-up film. They're both depicted as geniuses who use their intellect and the technological/logistical resources afforded by their wealth to excel in a world of superpowered beings, and Batman has the additional assets of personal drive and extensive training on top of that. If you can accept Luthor as a viable bad guy in Superman's universe, then you should be able to accept Batman as a viable good guy.
It's the bat suit that bothers me.

Superman being an alien wearing a cape doesn't bother me. Lex Luthor being a genius that finds a way to be an enemy to Superman doesn't bother me. Bruce Wayne using his resources to help Superman doesn't bother me. Bruce Wayne dressing up like a bat to help Superman save the world bothers me. Batman works all dressed up in Gotham, striking terror in the heart of his enemies and such. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent work. Superman and Batman is strange.

I can hear General Zod say : "Why is that human dressed like a bat?"
Didn't we go through this in the Nolan films? He wears the suit to protect the people around him. Why would we need anymore explanation than that?
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