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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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The "prime timeline" is dead. Deal with it and move on.
That's just rude. The "prime timeline" may be dead as far as new movies/TV is concerned. It's not dead anywhere else, so YOU deal with THAT.
Its in no way rude to stat what is true.

The "prime timeline" is dead. All that remains of it are sanctioned fan fiction and mediocre merchandise to flog fans who can't let go.

Stop treating it like Bernie Lomax from Weekend at Bernie's and let it rest in peace .
I have no idea what this "Bernie" stuff is you're yakking about. Never heard of it.

You are rude when you say, "deal with it." I don't need your permission to like what I like, or have the opinions I do about nuTrek, originalTrek, or anything else. I AM dealing with it - not by holding a candlelit vigil, but by exercising my right to express myself here and elsewhere, and by enjoying the aspects of Star Trek I do like.

There's a hell of a big Trek universe out there beyond the pro stuff. As for "mediocre merchandise", the quality and appeal is in the eye of the collector. I never got into the models, and gave up collecting action figures. I don't really get the appeal of them. But I know other fans love them, and I'd never denigrate or sneer at them for liking what they do. Maybe they don't like the print fanzines from the '70s and '80s. Personally I love them, and have been collecting them for over 25 years. Somehow we all get along just fine!
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