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Re: Do you like the idea of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?

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Oh I think it's safe to say he was quite the fan
Wow. OK. Now we need to get Tennant & Capaldi to have a geek off! (Because there can be only one!)

What is it with the Scottish doctor's being the most invested in the show?

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In Season 6, we had "The Girl Who Waited," which has deceptively little of the Doctor in it. He's a constant presence in the episode, because he's watching all of the events unfold on the monitor in the TARDIS, but it was probably a pretty short shooting schedule for Smith that week.
Smith was also shooting "Closing Time" during the shoot for "The Girl Who Waited." And vice-versa for Darvill and Gillan.


When one person is doing something the other is also doing something

Amy lite was "The Lodger" in series 5.

So Karen probably went off and did "Amy's Choice"

No one's waiting on the other person to film an episode and everything can get done.
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