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To be fair, I do get annoyed when people rag on incessantly about the Star Wars prequels too. I recognize the flaws in those movies, but I can't believe people are still beating that dead horse more than 13 years after the Phantom Menace came out. They're not perfect, but they're not that bad.

There's just this tendency...I guess it's their passion, that make some fans so genuinely offended at a less than perfect movie. And Star Trek fans are passionate. Those who hate the film have been complaining about it everywhere, from Youtube, to each and every one of the pop culture websites I go to, to Facebook. They're not the majority by any means, but they're very loud. I'm afraid it's something I really don't understand.

Now as for the my rating of Into Darkness, I need to see the film again. I have a suspicion that I like it better than Star Trek 2009, which has been one of my favorite Trek films, but I can't tell until I get a rewatch.
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