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Re: Making a Star Trek series that fits in with today's TV landscape

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I think it would fit in fine as a series that has a mix of single- and multi-episode stories as well as a mix of action, drama, with occasional moments of humor, horror, and tragedy. It can be frequently serious, but also frequently fun. On thing I don't think it should be is something that's dark, dreary, and filled with self-serving, sex-crazed, or petty a-hole characters--that kind of stuff can be done in moderation, but I think the core of Trek is a future that we'd like to be in rather than not with different aspects that appeal to both adults and even kids.
Sure I would agree with that, I don't think it should be Game of Thrones in Space, but it should still try to be a modern TV show, rather then trying to be a show from the 60s or 80s.
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