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Re: Wesley Crusher reviews Star Trek Into Darkness

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Put the ISS or a Space Shuttle under water and see what happens.
bad analogy as if you also try to accelerate either beyond the light barrier (IE to warp speed) - I doubt they'd survive that either.
But how does the ability to go to warp tell you anything about the ability to go under water?
Considering were talking Star Trek and not real world physics:

- In TOS "The Changeling" - when NOMAD increases engine efficiency so the 1701 can go beyond Warp 11, Kirk asks it to reverse the repairs because the hull won't be able to handle the stress.

It's just me, but I'd say travelling at warp puts more stress on a hull then sitting a few meters underwater (and I suppose that because Kirk and McCoy were able to swim down from the surface with no real scuba gear.

It's all made up to begin with (and was back in 1964 when GR filmed the very first pilot) - thus in the end, it's all pretend anyway (and lets be honest, there really ISN'T a lot of hard science in ANY Star Trek incarnation be it GR's; Berman's; Coto's; or JJ's version.
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