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I can confirm that TSQ's hair looks even better in person. And that she's as lovely and smart and sweet in real life as she is here.

I can also confirm that The Seeker and his wife are also lovely, and that their little girl is so cute and adorable they're lucky I didn't sneak off with her.
Awwww, thanks!

It was fabulous meeting you, though I'm afraid we may have bored your poor girl to death!
Nah, she's used to me rambling on with friends, and she also knew it was part of the package deal that came with her 16th birthday present. Actually, my daughter and I have long, rambling talks like that as well. She's a great young woman, and I'm a lucky mom.
You are lucky, and she is a wonderful girl. Patient too, no doubt about that!

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Oh and tsq, you do know what to buttons to push. I am such a huge sucker for women with brightly dyed hair. But it certainly helps when the woman in question is so pretty to start with
Awwww, thanks.

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