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Re: Moffat Talks 13th, sorry, 12th Doctor

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Benton was always a perceptive fellow. He tended to figure things out a step or two ahead of the Brigadier and have less trouble accepting them. So if the Brig could understand that the two Doctors were the same man, Benton would have no trouble with it.
Matter of fact, this was shown in The Three Doctors, when The Brig, faced with both 2 and 3 together, was still a step or two behind Benton in "Getting it", LOL
Although, I think Benton had the benefit of actually seeing the 2 Doctors together first.
Yea, that's what I mean. Benton saw them, got a brief explanation and caught on right away. The Brig didn't get it, even when it was more thoroughly explained to him, LOL
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