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Re: Moffat Talks 13th, sorry, 12th Doctor

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
My "elevator pitch" read of Eccleston is "Davison with PTSD." He's a bit lost like Davison's Doctor was, and he's impotent like Davison's Doctor was, but he's hesitant in a way that Davison's Doctor wasn't. When I call Eccleston "impotent," it's for the "Coward, every time" speech, which is so contrary to who the Doctor is that I'm baffled by RTD's misunderstanding of the character.
I dunno. I can easily picture Davison saying that "coward" line and making the same choices that Eccleston did in that episode. While some Doctors would be capable of making that kind of cold, calculated decision (*cough*McCoy*cough*), others wouldn't.

I'd never really thought of Eccleston as "Davison with PTSD" but that actually fits now that I think about it. Although, Eccleston was a bit goofier than Davison. There were some small dollops of Troughton, T. Baker, & early McCoy in there.

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
And I don't find Eccleston particularly unfriendly -- except maybe in regards to Mickey, to whom he's a total asshole, but that's not just Eccleston, that's also Tennant.
Yeah. I was actually just rewatching some of the early Tennant episodes. What the hell was up with that? Even at his worst, the 6th Doctor was never so casually insulting to Peri as the 9th & 10th Doctors are to Mickey.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
It wasn't about how abrasive Sixy was, it was Peri... She'd slouch, look down ashamed, lower her voice, apologise in slow motion, they look up with cow eyes.

1 part bad acting, 3 parts picking on a moron.
Yeah. Colin Baker would have gotten away with it had he been paired up with a ballsy companion that wouldn't take any crap from him, like Tegan or Barbara. But when he picked on Peri, it just seemed mean.

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Christopher wrote: View Post
Benton was always a perceptive fellow. He tended to figure things out a step or two ahead of the Brigadier and have less trouble accepting them. So if the Brig could understand that the two Doctors were the same man, Benton would have no trouble with it.
Matter of fact, this was shown in The Three Doctors, when The Brig, faced with both 2 and 3 together, was still a step or two behind Benton in "Getting it", LOL
Although, I think Benton had the benefit of actually seeing the 2 Doctors together first.
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