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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Does anyone else watch the trailers before the episodes? I've been happy to get them with the episodes, so I usually go with the option to play the promo before the episode, and it's amazing how these trailers have evolved over the seasons so far. We got the bland trailers in the first few seasons, and now they usually end with kind of the theme of the episode, followed by "On the next exciting episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation". For example, the promo for First Contact makes the episode about Starfleet in Crisis, yet that's not entirely what the episode is about but there are elements there. It's actually quite fun revisiting these trailers.

Also, I still don't like Troi, but I think I found my third favorite Troi episode, Night Terrors. It was creepy as hell, and seeing Troi's ass as she says "I need to find you" is not all that fun, but the rest of the episode, and the theme of REM sleep is. Also, I'm watching these episodes, and I'm thinking why can't we have special features on episodes like Night Terrors. Why can't we get a commentary track from Marina Sirtis talking about what it was like to be floating for half an episode, or the elements that went into making that episode. It's a whole lot better than listening to the writing staff talk about the conflicts that went on behind the scenes. If we're not going to get media/fan footage of what Trekdom was like when a season was going on (In this case, season 4), than can we have a features that shows us how to make an episode like Night Terrors or Galaxy's Child with the creature?
Yeah I've done it since season 1 love them cheesy adverts but the best one is BOBW part 1 Brillant !!!! Seen that advert for the 1st time must have been edge of your seat stuff !!!!
That green blooded son of a bitch !!!!
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