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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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There are no decks above and below, just a lot of deck-size dead space. Look at the side-view cross section.

The saucer rim has two decks with a gap between them (blue line) and additional space above and below that's almost but not quite enough room to fit full decks into.
Space for phaser/thruster mechanisms.
Jefferies tube, various ship systems. Most everything machinery wise in the Reboot-Verse is bigger and more bulky than we're used to, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that they need more room for basic equipment.

As for walking a 700+ meter length. A Nimitz class carrier is ~340 meters long. The deck crews work the length of deck hours at a time. Just one trip from the end to end and back is the length of the Enterprise--that's one deck. Some of these officers and men on a regular basis without the aid of antigravs, turbolifts, all the nice kit and gadget the Enterprise has. The when you consider half or more of that 700+ meter starship is nacelles, then the numbers of the internal size dial down a lot.

So the ship proper, discounting the larger nacelles, is actually in the same range as the refit Enterprise. The Nacelles just scale up the number cause their larger.

And remember, not every deck of the ~491 meters of proper ship is full length decks.
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