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Re: TNG episodes where they hang out with species without warp drive

Data asks Picard if they are going to let her die and Picard answers by telling him to cut communication. The meaning is pretty plain.
Data has been told not to communicate. Several times, with direct orders. His response? Accusing Picard of murderous intent! Picard should have phasered down the cybernetic asshole there and then, but all he does is quietly offer this failure of an officer one last chance to redeem his career. I have no reason to think Data's accusation would have had any basis in fact, and indeed his libel should be added to the list of charges.

No need for the dramatic pause, no need for Data manipulating the situation by making the signal audible for everyone in the room to hear.
Data can manipulate all he wants - yet more black marks against him. This doesn't change the fact that Picard asked him for proposals for saving Sarjenka's people, launched a study into them, and (coincidentally only after the hearing) executed them.

Timo Saloniemi
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