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Re: Enterprise, Star Trek Falling On It's Own Bat'Leth!

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As a series it was hit or miss. But I don't think anyone intentionally did bad work to get it cancelled. Why would someone rip up their own meal ticket?
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Hey Everybody!

I know I'm going to catch some heat from my fellow Trekkies who really like Enterprise, but I for one couldn't stand it! I

Your thoughts?
Well why post such a baiting topic then? Do you go to the DS9 section or Voyager section and post how bad they are? It still amazes me how people want to talk about how bad something is instead of how good something else is. I guess I'm just different. I frankly don't care if you can't stand it or not but why post here? I can't even imagine myself going over to the DS9 section and posting about how much I hate it and how bad the acting and characters and stories and story arcs were. I don't get it.
And there's the Heat™!

I agree why rip up your own meal ticket, which would be my first thought but how could this show miss with those writers it just doesn't make any sense!

Ok so if they didn't rip up their own meal ticket how do you explain the misses? Where they trying to make Star Trek more appealing to an audience outside the normal Trek watching group and it back fired?
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