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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Are you sure about that?

Green lines are all the same height
You crack me up, KDiD. The green line is the height of the corridor alone (8 ft, as I recall). There is a generous space between the decks behind the windows (your little blue line). Yet the imaginary decks you show above and below are not separated by this amount.
Only the ones with "DECK" written on them are decks - see the diagram in the corner? And in between the ones labelled "DECK" are those between deck spaces, just like the diagram in the corner.
And furthermore, the green line you show at the very bottom doesn't line up with the corridor either.
It's not supposed to.
Sorry, this bit of evidence is quite strongly against the 700m ship theory.
I disagree. And I have diagrams to prove it.
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