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Re: Resigning from Starfleet

Clearly he had to resign if he took up on a wartime Klingon vessel.
Would Starfleet even have noticed? Ships can go missing for half a year ("Contagion") without anybody getting worried in the slightest!

Klingons certainly wouldn't have bothered to ask questions.

Seeing Wes back in uniform for Riker's wedding would also indicate a rather loose open door policy
Well, he was a god at that point - he could wear just about anything he wanted. Did his old friends even realize he was there?

Well in TMP we learn that Spock left Starfleet to return to Vulcan and was listed as "Starfleet - Innactive".
So he didn't leave Starfleet after all, except for some sort of a leave of absence...

We are never given any story on him leaving in a huff and slamming doors behind him, or some scandal forcing him out, or anything like that. There's no "He's no longer in Starfleet" aspect to it in the movie.

Is there any real-world equivalent to this "inactivation/reactivation of commission" thing?

Timo Saloniemi
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