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Re: TNG episodes where they hang out with species without warp drive

As for "Homeward", the lack of technological sophistication or awareness of interstellar politics by the Boraalans is never mentioned as affecting Picard's decision not to interfere, one way or the other.
He insists that the Boraalans not become aware of the Federation even at the point that they are all going to die in a few hours, otherwise why send Worf down in disguise. He tells watches what he thinks is the destruction of the Boraalans after being offered a viable alternative to save them and makes a statement about honouring the prime directive and is tells Nikoli he has destroyed his career by saving them.
As an aside I still find it hilarious that he sees that the Chronicler who killed himself and says that he would not have died alone and in fear on the planet. Personally I think he would probably have been pretty scared.
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