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I've had a conception originating from 1996....a film in my own head, fully scripted and plotted though well over 120 pages. It's fully cast with almost 50 actors selected. Since it was 17 years back, some of the cast have passed away. Due to time and computer issues involved, a bare minimum of three posts and perhaps five in-depth paragraphs be required to sufficiently highlight it.

The main question is, would it be fair to inflict the concept on the simultaneously obtuse, addle-minded, careless and the daffy minority of one? Not that I have any issues with his pitches. The vast majority of you MAY buy into the terrorist parakeet concept, and nobody's required to applaud, bow or like the premise. But if the mind is closed before the attempt's made, what's the point of attempting it?
Um cause it's a thread for fun? So like, terrorist parakeets are welcome...
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