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Re: Opinions on the Following McCoy Centered Books

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I liked all 4 of the choices, but I had to go with Dreams of the Raven as my favorite in the poll. If I had to pick my all-time favorite McCoy novel, though, I'd have to go with Provenance of Shadows.
This. Very much this.

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I hate the Crucible series.
Really? You're entitled to your opinion, of course, but you would be one of the very few, I think. Why didn't you like it?
I don't want to spoil them for anyone who hasn't read them.

And I've become aware that authors post here (finally). Still I've already said it.
I'll just say I think they are probably well-written and give great detail. I just don't like the general overall theme of all 3 books.
My opinion is that the characters particularly Kirk don't act as I expect them to. I think of it as a sort of an AU. Can't say more without giving it away.

Obviously other people think differently.

They are my 3rd most hated Star Trek novels (how pathetic to have a hated Star Trek book list )
I will confess that I am not precisely a fan of the Crucible series either. It's an interesting idea, and I did enjoy the McCoy entry. But I found them overall to be much darker than I cared for. I personally did not agree with the authors choices in the Spock entry (While not an invalid choice I personally feel that Kolinahr is something he long since put in his past). For the Kirk entry well frankly I chose not to even read it in part because of it's rather slim page count (especially compared to the others).

Frankly while it was an interesting idea I for one am exceptionally glad that they are a continuity unto themselves and therefore don't have to be considered in the novelverse continuity that predominates these days.
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