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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Keep in mind that none of the new Enterprise schematics available online are exact matches for the real ship.
Then why do you keep using them, and finding a way to squeeze in as many decks as you can? As you love to say (parapharsed): look at the photographic EVIDENCE! I see one deck fully exposed in that hull breach, fitting perfectly between the upper and lower line on the saucer edge. There is room for one more deck below it.

I guess the decks above and below those are for Keenser, a few Hobbits, and the diplomatic liaisons from the Merry Old Planet of Oz? (because they all hate looking out into space, there are obviously no windows).
Learn perspective.

And please, please explain to me how the bridge, atrium, shuttlebay and engine rooms are supposed to fit into a 366m ship. I asked you this before and you never replied.
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