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Re: Never seen TOS scenes (revisit)...

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I always thought these were well done.

The basic idea for the pre TOS images was imagining an alternate sequence of events.

- What if NBC had bought Star Trek on the strength of "The Cage" and we'd gotten a Pike era series in 1965, and perhaps in b&w to save costs?
- What if after a decent first season NBC is generally satisfied yet wants changes. This coincides with Jeffrey Hunter wanting to get back to films. Gene Roddenberry and crew change things up and the familiar cast from the actual first season TOS comes aboard. Again to save costs a lot of the sets and costumes remain the same.
- After a more successful second season the new cast is kept yet sets and costumes and props are upgraded to what we actually saw throughout TOS' run.

I'd like to do more Pike era scenes since it's a near blank template. I'm particularly thinking of what things I could mine from the b&w The Outer Limits.

Spock meets with Fleet Captain Pike before the refit Enterprise departs on its 5-year mission.

Fleet Captain Pike during a training exercise.

STAR TREK: 1964-1991, 2013-?

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