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Re: Family is thinking about moving to Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

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As Roger suggested, in many places local identities trump national identities.

I know for a fact it's true in Italy, where many people have far stronger ties to their own city (the campanile of campanilism) than with Italy as a whole. And I believe the same applies to the UK, where people identify as English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish first, and British second).

Doesn't mean the larger identity doesn't exist. But I agree it will still take a long time to establish a clear European identity. But I think we are going in that direction (well, if the economic crisis doesn't devour the Euro and the EU, of course)
Well the eurozone is different from the EU, and it's little surprise that some eurzone countries are more adversly affected by the economic downturn than others. As the one size fits all rates don't work. Unfortunatly what can happen is those ill will can raise in countries that are paying for the bailout of other countries .

But the institutions of EU are their own worse enemy, I don't feel they do a good enough job explaining what benefits it brings to the average everday citizen.
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