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Re: Oberth Class – the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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While obviously featureless the golden wall sculpture reveals the essence, the distinctive sleek lines and beautiful proportions that set Andrew Probert's Enterprise-C apart from the VFX model that appeared
  • literally out of nowhere and
  • exclusively in(side) an alternate (!) TNG reality (One could wonder whether the true Enterprise-C in the "real" timeline really looked like that VFX model).
There are several problems with that idea. First, the Enterprise-C itself wasn't from an alternate reality. It was thrown into a future alternate reality where the Federation was at war with the Klingons, but both that reality and the "real" one still share the same past, i.e. the Enterprise-C always looked like the Sternbach design.

Also, the Enterprise-C wasn't the only Sternbach-style Ambassador class ship we see. The Zhukov, Yamaguchi and Excalibur all look the same as the Ent-C, and to my knowledge none of those ships ever just spontaneously changed appearance.

I'd dare to say that the Enterprise-C wall sculpture in amount of total TNG screen time had more exposure (as a part of the conference lounge) than the new Ambassador Class VFX model during the entire run of TNG.
Which means nothing in terms of "overwritten canonicity." The wall hanging could have been seen a hundred times, but it doesn't change the fact that it's just a wall hanging. When we actually see the ship that that wall hanging was meant to represent, and then see other ships of that same design that are Ambassadors too, the studio model takes precedence over some piece of background art, no matter how many times it was shown.

And none of this is new anyway. We saw the Excelsior class Melbourne exactly once, but there was a model in Sisko's office of the Nebula class Melbourne which we saw there for the entire seven years of DS9. That doesn't change the fact that the actual ship was an Excelsior.
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