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Re: Roger Moore wants to do Who!!

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Why do people want the Ponds to return? They were the worst companions since Mel. The Ponds were so boring.
Disliking a Companion, any Companion, is generally a minority opinion. I think Adric may be the only universally hated Companion. All the rest are only disliked by a small number of the General audience, and there's only a few who are disliked by a large portion of online fans.

Even Rose, who grew to be disliked by a large portion of the online fans is still well loved by the General Audience at large.

Even among the online fans, Rory and Amy are still only disliked by a small number.
Nope. I liked Adric. He was a bit of a whiner, but then the entire crew back in the Davison era whined. That was the most dysfunctional "family" ever depicted in the history of Doctor Who.

Regarding Rory and Amy, while they're not my favorite companions, I loved the dynamic when all three were on set together.
"Universally hated" doesn't necessarily mean 100%, I probably should've said something like he's probably the only one who was disliked by a large portion of the general audience.
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