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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #12 The Rikers' Children

"Will, Junior!!" Natasha cried out for her little brother, "Where are you, you little gremlin!"

It was quiet. Too quiet. Hearing his little footfalls in their living quarters was comforting to hear when she knew he was nowhere near her sneaking up on her to scare her half to death with his sudden roaring. But now that silence has invaded the Riker's accomodations once again, she scanned around her to see if she can catch that sneaky little pest before he can jump out at her to scare her. She did not see him coming anywhere near her. "You better be here, you little runt!" she complained, "I'm not trekking across half the station trying to find you!"

That made Will Junior giggle at that. He was hiding in her bedroom. She marched over there and warned, "You better not be answering any of my pages!!" She looked at the nightstand in her room and found that her iCOMM was missing. She heard the beeps underneathe her bed, and knew he was texting messages back to one of her many would be suitors that have solicited her number on the station. She got on the floor and lifted the edge of the blankets to see his grinning brother fumbling in texting on her iCOMM. She reached under the bed to grab it from him, but he wiggled just enough away to stay out of reach as she yelled, "GIVE THAT TO ME NOW, YOU little TWERP!"

Her little brother was not versatile yet to be texting words on her iCOMM, but he was handy with the symbols for kissing and hugging. He giggled, "Tasha ...kiss...kiss.. kiss...hug..." and he added, "everybody loves my bo..da..cious sister...kiss ...kiss....kiss...hug."

She smiled at him for a moment and then got up to go around to the other side of the bed quickly to grab him there. He did try to squirm away but she got him by the ankle and pulled him out from underneathe the bed. After she had snatched her iCOMM away from him, he laughed a little and clasped his hands together to cover his smile with it, wondering what her reaction would be towards him this time. "Will..." she groaned, looking at his handiwork on the iCOMM, "I can't have a boyfriend on the station," she texted that her baby brother had sent the kisses and hugs as they were not from her.

"Then why did you give them your number?" Will asked innocently.

"To be polite," Tasha explained, and then put the iCOMM down and tickled her baby brother furiously for doing that, "you are an ornery imp, you know that?" she concluded as she stood up, leaving the toddler heaving for air to breathe from laughing so much. She could see that he had still way too much energy to stop bugging her for attention to play with him. "Okay, Junior," Tasha announced, "let's see if the holosuite has an opening."

The chances were pretty good in the morning since most Starfleet personnel would be working while others would be in transition in getting off from their duty shift. The holoquites were reserved for Starfleet personnel and their families that were living with them on any ship for layovers and thus they were not for visitors nor for families of Starfleet personnel that were visiting the station. They were not even for Starfleet personnel that were not on layovers. They have their own holodecks on their own ship to use.

By the time she had reached the holosuites with her trailing baby brother, she had given her number to three more would-be suitors that were new to the station. It was one thing to have her mother's glamorous dark hair, but quite another to be filling in the image of her bodacious mother's figure. Being fifteen and getting all of these unwanted attention from older boys that are in transit was new to her. She was not expecting it. Her mother assured her that their infatuations were merely physical and thus a passing one, and not to worry about being unresponsive.

Tasha was thankful that she had none of her mother's empathic abilities, even though her mother can telepathically communicate with her, but she cannot in return. She can "respond" by thinking the response which her mother would pick up, but she cannot send that response to her. So Tasha has come to rely on her mother's insights about this change of behaviours from boys she was meeting at the station. She was to ignore them.

Still, to her, it would be nice to have a boyfriend, just not in passing. The boys she was used to on the Titan did not look at her in that way. It was because they had been around her and have gotten to know her as a friend. They saw beyond her outward appearance to her character, and they seem to find her annoyance with her baby brother quite entertaining, even though he can be exasperating at times, vying for her attention, seemingly all the time.

She was able to book a holosuite for two hours. It was a summer beach scene. A changing hut was provided. She had changed first, and wondered once again what would happen if she did not change back in time when her holographic program ended along with her choice of a holographic swim suit. She doubted she will hear the end of it from her baby brother. Worse, still, he will blab about it to her friends once they get back onto the Titan.

She pushed back the worse case scenario in her mind by commanding, "Computer, please inform me when ten minutes are remaining on the clock," After the computer confirmed the request, she said, "thank you." Then she came out of the hut wearing an evening blue one piece swimsuit. She then led her baby brother in to the hut to assist changing him. Then he went bounding out into the gentle waves of the simulated ocean to see the marine life that usually accompany the program. She joined him.

"Look! Look!" he pointed out when he went near the shoreline and picked up a seashell. She acted all surprise for him and commented on the same sea shell he has picked up several days ago when they had run this simulation. He tucked in his lower lip, baring his upper row of teeth as they held his lower lip in while he looked around for something different to show off to his sister.

She swam over to him when he plunged into the deeper parts of the water, and held unto him from being any more bold in his venturing in the deeper parts of the waters. As she held unto him, she looked at him as he was huffing and puffing from his swimming, looking around the ocean for something different to show his sister. "Why do you need my attention so much, Will?" she asked.

He looked at his sister and smiled, and then embraced her around the neck and kissed her on her cheek, "I love you, Tasha," he shared, "I wish you were my mama."

Tasha blushed at this. Her heart was racing in response to what he had just said. Now she knows why. "You know Mommy loves you, Will..." Tasha began, "she's just busy alot."

"She's always busy..." Will Junior said sadly,"she's busy now and we are not even on the ship," he pouted.

"Well," Tasha announced, "funny thing about that is we have three godsisters now instead of two!"

"Did they find the baby Lydia?" Will Junior asked.

"No... not yet," Tasha informed, "but..."

"We haven't even met them yet," Will Junior complained.

"I know," Tasha groaned with him as she explained, "but they needed some 'alone time' to talk about family business," and then she reminded him, "at least we saw their pictures last night."

"Only three of them..." Will Junior pouted,"but you will always be my favorite sister."

Tasja rolled her eyes and held her baby brother in a swaying fashion in the waters for awhile.

"Tasha!" came her mother's telepathic voice, "Your father and I have been arrested by Starfleet security. I need you to contact your grandmother on Betazed to come and get you. Do it now, Dear."

Tasha concentrated her surface thoughts in response, "What is going on, Mom?"

"I thought there was some sort of misunderstanding here, but Will and I are being framed as we speak. They are showing us evidence of a visual record of us both attacking Admiral Barone with no provocation on the station."

"How..?" Tasha was forming her thoughts.

Deanna interrupted her, "He must have had a visual recording made of a holodeck program to replace the security footage. This is not looking good, Tasha. You better get a hold of my mother and quickly."

The thought of Will Junior never seeing his mother ever again alarmed Tasha and saddened her at the same time, as Deanna's telepathic voice trailed off into silence. Tasha tried to think of something comforting and reassuring to say to him, but she did not want him looking at her as his mother which was beginning to be more and more likely now. "I love you, Will, but I am just your sister."

He was silent a bit as he was resting his head on her shoulders, and then he said, "I know... but I don't get to play with mama enough like I do with you."

She figured she had time since it would be a simple matter to call her grandmother once they got back from their use of the holosuite.

She held him, looking around the ocean to see if she can spot something different in the simulation to show her baby brother to change the subject. Then she saw the beach, "Let's build a sandcastle, shall we?"

He jolted his head back from resting on her shoulders and exclaimed, "YEAH!"

That lasted about a good hour, building a huge sand castle as Tasha did most of the work before they went swimming again. Then Tasha thought of something when she was looking at the beach towards their finished sandcastle. She could get her mother's and her father's permission to get a holographic program of themselves to put into this holographic simulation or any program to use on Betazed. That way, Will Junior would not be missing his mother and father so much if they wind up in Starfleet prison.

Then three Starfleet security entered into the holosuite uninvited. They just trumped through their sandcastle with impudence. One of them gave her the index finger to come out of the waters. Then he did the same towards Will Junior whom was closer near the beach and protesting about ruining their sandcastle like that. Tasha came out of the waters and stood before him. He grabbed her forearm roughly and said "You are under arrest for treason!"

"WHAT?!!" Tasha recoiled in disbelief and anger, "You GUYS are SO FULL OF ..." The guard hoisted her light frame out of the waters and into the air, carrying her like a rag doll over his shoulders.

"YOU LET GO OF MY SISTER!!!" Will Junior yelled as he ran towards them, but one of the other two security guards intercepted him.

"You let me go RIGHT NOW!!!" Tasha was yelling as she kicked and squirmed, "I'm ONLY wearing a HOLOGRAPHIC SWIMSUIT!"

"Too bad.." the guard replied unsympathetically.

She hooked her elbow around to the other side of his head from where he he was carrying her on his shoulders on and boxed him in the ear. That made him drop her right over the exit of the holosuite. As she was on all fours, her top half of her vanishing bikini suit was exposing her bosoms
outside the holosuite, she quickly darted back in for the suit to return to retain her dignity. She started to crawl away from the guard but he grabbed her by her luscious hair while the other stood in front of her route of escape to block her.

"Lookee what we have here...." bellowed the Klingon Captain. This made the three angry guards look up, but they saw someone angrier, "Pick on somebody your own size!!" He charged the man that had Tasha by the hair and plowed into him with his massive frame, knocking him back unto his butt, and then he shoved the guard that was trying to block Tasha from escaping out of her way. As the guard caught his balance from falling, he drew his phaser but Rimko charged at him and plowed him into the wall of the holosuite. The guard that was knocked unto his butt, drew his phaser, but Ivana slipped in quickly behind him and gave the Vulcan nerve pinch, which she was familiar with through Desarae and Lee Ann, but had never used herself. While Rimko was grappling with the security guard he had shoved, the one holding Will Junior had released the toddler and was now drawing his weapon to shoot at the Klingon. He would have stunned te Klingon if he had not seen Ivana picking up the phaser from fallen guard, but as he aimed to fire at her, her stunning beauty made him hesitated just enough for her to stun him instead.

Tasha darted towards Will as Will ran his little feet over to Tasha, crying for her safety. She scooped him up and went over to the waters. "Ten minutes remaining.." chimed the computer when Rimko decked the security guard out cold.

"I am your stepsister," Ivana explained.

"No you are not!" Tasha declared,"I saw the pictures! There is only Lee Ann and ..and .. Desarae...and .. and... "

"Candice.." Will said softly to her as she was holding him in her arms.

"CANDICE!" Tasha yelled at Ivana, "and you look nothing like them!"

"I am Lydia," Ivana explained, "I go by the name of Shanara Ivana Camelot," she pointed to the Klingon, "This is Captain Rimko. I used to serve as his purser onboard a cargo ship."

Tasha looked at her a while before answering, "You are Lydia?" she paused, "How can I trust you?"

"We did come to your aid, "Ivana pointed out, "you may chnage now if you wish," as she nodded towards the changing hut.

Tasha carried Will over to the changing hut, and when she was halfway there, she saw the Klingon standing by Ivana's side dutifully without any signs of menace towards Tasha and her baby brother, Tasha said "Thank you."

Tasha placed the toddler down outside the hut and quickly changed inside. Then she came out and pulled the toddler in to change him. By the time the holodeck program ended, Tasha was slipping on Will's velcro shoes when the changing hut vanished along with the beach scene. Apparently Will was sitting on a stool and fell back unto his butt. "Hey!" he protested.

"Sorry, bud," Tasha stated low enough for only him to hear, "ran out of time." Then she looked up at Ivana and the Klingon whom was still standing at the same spot where they were during the holdeck program when the children went into the changing hut. She picked up Will, and carried him over to them, eyeing the three unconscious forms of Starfleet security at the holosuite exit, and asked, "What is going on? Why are we being treated this way?"

Ivana looked at them pleasantly enough as she placed her hand on Tasha's shoulders and said, "You have a choice to make... you can either join us with your parents as we will be on the run from Starfleet, or... you can call your grandmother on Betazed and hope to be under her care before Starfleet security says so otherwise."

Tasha was tearing up and asked, "Is it true then? Did my folks betray Starfleet?"

Little Will looked at his sister in disbelief for saying that, but before he could voice a protest to his parents' defense, Ivana stated, "No, Tasha.." and then paused, "Starfleet has betrayed them."

Tasha looked at her confused baby brother and answered, "Then we are coming with you."

"Yeah..." Will agreed, wiping away his tears.

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