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Re: Is the "Yesterday's Enterprise" alt-timeline the REAL one?

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In just that episode, Riker and Troi were inflicted with a TERRIBLE aging virus. Thankfully, Crusher was able to find the cure and reverse its effects before we got back to their scenes in Pegasus!
Don't be sorry for them, be sorry for me. I had been inflicted with a terrible Riker story.

After all these years as the first officer of Picard's Enterprise-D, Riker still didn't have the character strength within him to make a personal decision whether to tell the truth or not - and needed a history lesson to make up his mind.

(this is obviously why I don't like retroactive continuity and rather prefer to ignore it, it does more harm than good)


P.S. Have found nothing here to persuade me, that the Enterprise-C was definitely from the "past" of the "true" TNG reality, so Probert's Enterprise-C could still be the original one from the "true" reality?
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