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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Timewalker wrote:
And read my previous post: Pacifists do not approve of violence, but unless said pacifist is also Jesus or Gandhi (for example), he/she is very likely to have some point where they would kill. How many of us here would not kill, if it was the only way to protect ourselves or a loved one? A human would use the term "breaking point" and Vulcans term it as a "logical reason", but it essentially means the same thing.

Spock advocated killing Gary Mitchell, because he could see no other way out. It was a logical reason
Your original statement was about killing, not violence or pacifism. The episodes mentioned by Greg and my self show that Vulcans can and will kill. You admit that in your own posts.

There is also no evidence that Vulcans expect their children to follow them in their choice of careers, just that Sarek didn't like Spock's career choice. That's one Vulcan and not enough to draw a conclusion about the entire species. Such a ridged attitude conflicts with the idea of diversity, especially infinite diversity.
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