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Re: Away Team Log (Star Fleet Universe fiction compilation)

This was asked over on the ADB BBS not long ago, actually.

At this point, it seems that the actual work needed to get Star Fleet Journal #2 ready for publication might not take that long to do, but that it would take up time which, right now, is being sunk into a series of other projects. As a small company with several product lines that are all hungry for attention, there are usually too many irons in the fire for them all to be tackled at once.

At this moment, two of the bigger projects being worked on are Star Fleet Battles Module C6, which will offer "what-if" modern fleets for the Carnivons and Paravians* (both of which went extinct in the Alpha Octant during the Early Years time period) and Traveller: Prime Directive (which will port the PD RPG setting to Mongoose Traveller, as one of the three main projects outlined as part of ADB and Mongoose Publishing's joint venture). It's not quite clear what will surface next after (or alongside) those (well, except for Captain's Log #48, which itself will need a fair bit of design time to get ready for print); but whatever else is on the table will likely compete with SFJ2 for space on the production schedule.

Hopefully, it won't be too long before the Day of the Eagle gets its due. But it might be a while yet before that happens.

*As they would have appeared in Alpha, that is. There is a Paravian (exile?) realm over in the Omega Octant, but that faction would have to be treated differently from the ones in Module C6. Also, there are rumours of a "last command" band of Carnivon exiles making it as far as the Sargasso Storm region of the Milky Way (as the SFU portrays it); but that corner of space has not been fleshed out as a setting in the way that Omega has. (And even if there were any Carnivons over there, their ships wouldn't turn out the same way as those set to be published in C6 either.)

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