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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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^^ I'm starting to realize that "The misunderstood ships of Star Trek?" might have been the better thread title.
So I could have talked about Excelsior in here after all! Daggum it.
Sorry for the mess, one good example of a revision that could have qualified as correction and improvement.

I did a Google picture search ("ST III Excelsior model") and several and different study model prototypes showed up (funny, each search yields different results), especially this one (with allusions to a 14th Federation design series).

Here, the main hull also sits on a slab, not too dissimilar from the one of the Oberth Class. What were these guys at ILM trying to suggest?

Which inevitably brings me to the Excelsior as we know it. IIRC, Andrew Probert envisioned saucer separation (e.g. battle situations) already for the/his Enterprise-C.

But what about the Excelsior? Saucer separation only in abandon-ship scenarios or in other situations as well? Continued in Praetor's parallel thread - perhaps that is.

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