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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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My point is that Sarek is compulsively inflexible when we first meet him, but he's not a bigot.
But who ever tried to argue that Sarek was a bigot? We only said, like Spock, and like the reboot Spock, Sarek aims high, but falls slightly short of Vulcan ideals. Vulcans are ultimately more human than they realize, especially in Spock's family.

Therefore, I personally see no reason why any of the supposedly "human" characteristics in reboot Spock should come as a surprise. These were already present in Spock and in other Vulcans like Sarek, and having lost his entire planet and his mother, there is no reason that reboot Spock shouldn't be a little mindful of his emotions. And, as Into Darkness has shown, he reigned that back quickly after the Nero incident (although, sadly, suppressing emotions through self-sacrificing, self-destructive behaviour).
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