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Re: Things you liked about voyager

I really liked the design of the ship and the sets.

There were also some good characters in the mix as well:
Janeway - I liked her from the start, showing herself to be very smart and strong, whilst also with a vulnerable side.
Tuvok - Probably my favourite Vulcan, and good to see one who wasn't a scientist.
Torres - Loved her from the start, the fact she hated half of herself was something that was very interesting.
Kes - She was sweet and innocent but with a strength deep inside her as well.
Seska - A great villan for the crew, though its a shame they didn't keep her onboard to ramp up the tension.
Icheb - Of all the liberated Borg I liked him the most, he was almost the perpetual awkward teenager.
Carey - A family man who showed he would do almost anything to get home, just a pity what happened to him.

There were also some interesting species along the way, I especially liked the Vidiians, how their entire culture and society was destroyed by the Phage.
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