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Re: Oberth Class the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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I could imagine a world in which the U.S.S. Ambassador herself looked like the sculpture, and the C did not, but the sculpter goofed.
I posted the link to Bernd Schneider's website because of the conference lounge wall picture, and most assuredly not because of this offensive "delusional artist" rationalization (I politely asked Bernd to please change this, but apparently any rationalization on behalf of the Holy Cow of GUT is permissible, even if that's performed at the expense of the original artist and betrays the genuine intention).

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Or perhaps the C was the only other Enterprise to undergo a mass refit along the lines of the good ole 1701?
IMHO improbable but not impossible. Assuming the Yorktown had been the starship that became NCC-1701-A, I wondered how this would reflect on the conference lounge wall of a Galaxy Class Yorktown. Would it show the original Constitution Class / first Yorktown of that era (that became Enterprise) or just the one that came after it and served the longest?

Or what we see on the conference lounge wall is, indeed, the Enterprise-C but Andrew Probert's concept to have this starship be a member of the Ambassador Class was overwritten and made erroneous. The Enterprise-C on the wall could be a new Enterprise Class, a Commodore Class (yes, I'm thinking of it as a tip to the hat to "Commodore Probert" from TMP) or a Probert Class for all we know and can see.

From a strictly "Thermian" point of view and knowing that there are many alternate realities and dimensions Tasha Yar's daughter Sela could have come from into the "true" TNG reality, what we saw in "Yesterday's Enterprise" was an alternate, grim TNG reality (somewhere between the "true" reality and that of the mirror universe) and the Enterprise-C didn't necessarily come from the "past" of the "true" reality but instead the "past" of the alternate reality featured in the episode with Guinan apparently being the only one with a transdimensional awareness of things).

Since the desciples of GUT do not like contradictions (neither do I), this could be a possible rationalization for the problem and one that neither suggests Mr. Probert was delusional, or betrays the original intention, and does not deprive the Star Trek universe of his design.

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Regarding the Oberth, some have asserted there are two differently-sized versions. Treknologically, we have precedent in the Klingon bird-of-prey. The OCD in me wants there to only be one. What is the feeling of other folks?
I see your desire to put the thread back on track, and salute your unwavering interest in the original topic.

Yes, this was a suggestion for rationalization in the early part of this thread and because of the Klingon BoP precedent. While it's apparently not desirable it seems inevitable to me.

Heck, as a SW fan I've come to accept this crap for the imperial AT-AT walker (ESB vs. JEDI), the Super Star Destroyer (Executor vs. Palpatine's ship) and - of course - the Death Star (I vs. II).

Sometimes iconic items turn out larger than they first appeared.

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