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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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The bright horizontal centre line looks exactly like what's left of a deck divider
I see that part you're talking about, but it appears to be twisted debris sticking into the corridor. It extends out into the dark and bends upwards to join the other bits of hull.

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or exit from a double height deck observation area.
There's no evidence that such an observation deck or juncture exists on this Enterprise. What we see is constant with the single-deck set used throughout the rest of the film.

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Nothing you have said changes the fact that the ship is 725 meters long, why bang on about it, I can understand if you don't like it but its tough.
I like the larger size quite a bit, actually. And I'm not disputing that the preponderance of data supports the 725 meter size. What I am pointing out is that ILM was not constant about it throughout the film. I've lurked this thread since the beginning, and it's annoying watching people be ideologues about that fact.

This shot is worth revisiting because it got discussed earlier in the thread with bootleg footage; now we have a clear copy and can take another look. It's clear that, contrary to earlier analysis, in this scene the saucer is two to three decks tall.
The bootleg copy was clear enough the first time, and no it is not clear that the saucer is two to three decks tall.

In your opinion it is, this is a size argument thread to identify how large the NuEnterprise is, questioning the number of decks in one place or the size of x in another place does not really add anything new or change the fact that the size has been confirmed by multiple official sources.

I am done with this, maybe some of the others will be willing to go over the same stuff again.
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