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Re: common misconceptions about Voyager

You know, I'll take that from another angel --- though I'm unsure if we can chalk this up as a misconception, lol

As much Tim Russ struggled for a primary part in a trek series for the better part of 15 years and he's continued to be a pretty awesome beacon for carrying the Trek Torch, I often think Voyager could have been a whole bunch more interesting if we would have actually kept Tuvix around .

Chakotay's throw away line of "Tuvix is proving the saying a whole can be greater then the sum of its parts wrong" pretty much nailed how I felt about the character on the head.

However, the thing that I always felt sucked about the series is it always felt like we Voyager was losing crew members and magically throwing out higher numbers throughout the series, though characters that would have been awesome to see get adopted by the crew and not necessarily become regular reoccurring would have been nice to see.

Just among some characters that would have been interesting to see Voyager pickup:
- 3947 (From "Prototype"): At the end, they kind of realized they were dying.
- Denara Pel (From "Lifesigns"): She could have said she didn't want to go back.
- The Colonists (From "The Thaw"): Where did they REALLY have to go?
- Gegen (From "Distant Origin"): He probably would have wanted to be the first of his kind to return "home".
- Kellin (From "Unforgettable"): She was one of the first characters we had that could have probably easily 'feel in the background'.
- One (From "Drone"): Seemed like such a waste to get rid of the 32nd century borg that fast. Would have been neater to pick a better end for him.
- Valerie Archer (From "In the Flesh"): Would have been interesting to see her tag along for a while.
- Crell Moset (From "Nothing Human"): The Doctor and him had such an interest dynamic and it would have been fun playing the ethics of the situation a little longer.
- Kashyk (From "Counterpoint"): I think this guy had some awesome opportunity to be a crew member we'd see pop up once in a while. He really DID have the feel of 'looking for a new home' till the twist at the end.
- Ensign Gilmore (From "Equinox"): I think she had potential to be a more trusted member a la Lt. Cary.
- Some of the Klingons may have considered staying onboard...

I think I might be beating a dead horse by this point; just because we had a main cast doesn't mean we couldn't have seen some of these characters join the crew even if they didn't become permanent fixtures. Its not like other characters we met and learned to like such as Lt. Cary, Ensign Vorik, Ensign Wildman among others didn't fall into the backdrop.

I should also point out, Intrepid classes (according to memory beta) can hold 200 crew members, but generally carry under 150. We've heard numbers as low as 113 and as high as 151 :-\.
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