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Re: And the Children Shall Lead

Gents, I think you are being to harsh. From a treknological point of view this episode features some intersting "firsts".

We finally got to see the banner of the United Federation of Planets (was that one of the flags in the Season One hearing room and if yes, what was the other?), and we finally got to see the Season Three recreation room we had previously missed (because that scene from "Elaan of Troyius" had been abandoned on the floor of the editing room).

It was nice to see the Auxiliary Control Room again and the episode had a good shocker, just to imagine that those two security crewmen had beamed into the vacuum of space.

Okay, the premise that Sulu would take daggers in space for real is outrageously naive , but despite the many flaws there are still a few items that are worth seeing.

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