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Re: DS9/VOY...if it happened differently...

Yeah, the two staffs for the two shows did not really work that much together. When TNG and DS9 was airing together, and TNG ended, part of the TNG writing staff shifted to DS9, while part of the staff shifted to work on Voyager. After DS9 ended, Ronald D. Moore did join the writing staff of Voy, but quit after creative differences. Voyager was very episodic in format.

I think having two series of the same franchise air at the same time was very synergistic. Often, Voyager would air on primetime on Wednesdays, while DS9 aired on Thursdays or the weekends weekends where I was at. TNG was also on reruns at night. It did build momentum for the series, similar to how Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis worked really well when paired together on Fridays.
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