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Re: Advice on Upgrading Harddrive on Windows 8 Laptop.

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You should be able to clone your image to another HDD, and bootup with that HDD. You might have to reactivate Windows 8, so be ready to make a phone call. Otherwise, you should be fine.

In case you're wondering, I have done this twice for two different people. I used DriveXML to get the job done.

Experience: I'm a PC technician, who has done this for nigh on 15 years.
Not to hijack a thread but I just used DriveXML to clone my desktop Windows 7 hard drive to another drive. I can view the files on the drive but when I try to boot up from the new one it says no bootable partition found. Do you know what I did wrong?
It can be a number of things.

* Make certain that you partitioned and formatted the new hard drive before restoring the former HDD image to the new hard drive.

If you did that:

* Make certain that the hard drive to which you've made the new image is bootable, and that the drive ID matches the image (if your old drive was "Drive C," make sure the new drive is also "Drive C").

If that fails, use a Windows 7 Repair Disc (easy to make in Windows 7), and repair the Boot MBR.

Then try to reboot and see if it starts up your OS.

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