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Re: Things you liked about voyager

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I must misremember Search for Spock and First Contact.
Well lets see, Janeway did blow up her ship while she was still on it. Kirk blew up his ship but he wasn't on it, and Picard might have been willing but he didn't have to. So yes she was the only one that actually did, and she did it twice. "Deadlock" and "Year of Hell"
Picard did ram his ship into another one, but never actually blew it up

I guess I misremember Yesterday's Enterprise when Picard sacrificed the Enterprise to restore the timeline, and All Good things where Picard sacrificed 3 Enterprises, then.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


The things I liked about Voyager:

1. I liked most of the crew

Janeway being the first female captain with a show was very interesting. Also, I think she was probably in some ways like the missing link between Kirk and Picard, and displayed similarities with both, in command style. I just wish they had more personal growth with was like she was set from day one, and changed not all that much over the 7 years.

Chakotay on paper, as someone said, was interesting because not many Native American characters get screen time. The first several seasons I liked Chakotay, as the series progressed, writing for him suffered.

Tuvok was just pure AWESOME. Tim Russ was probably my third favorite Vulcan, after Spock and Sarek. I loved his dynamic with Neelix. His final goodbye to Neelix, where he moves his foot, where he maintains his logic and showing htat was as close as a Vulcan can come to dancing, but gives Neelix that acknowledgement that he really cared for him as a friend, was great.

Neelix, I found annoying at first, but he grew on me, like Rom from DS9. He is a great character, actually.

Be'lana, I loved the concept of a half human/half klingon who actually resented her Klingon side in the beginning, yet was a dynamic character and in the end, embraced it. I always though of her as sort of like K'ehleyr

Tom Paris wasn't overly interesting. Sort of a stereotypical smartass, but his best function of the show was that he is the type of "every man" guy if you met in real life, you would want to have a beer with because he is someone most people would actually identify with the most. On a ship full of Mary Sues, jargon, and McGuffin, Tom Paris is the guy to keep things grounded.

The Doctor is probably my second favorite doctor, after Bones! Picardo is an excellent actor, and always a treat.

I liked Kes, and it was a shame she couldn't have stayed on as a semi-regular, sort of like a "Caretaker in Training" guiding Voyager from time to time, and helping them avoid dangerous situations.

7 of 9 was a great character. I know the show gets accused of being the Seven and Doctor show in later seasons, but I liked the growth of character they showed in Seven. Just was a bit disappointed with her hooking up with Chakotay

2. When Voyager was good, it was AWESOME.

Sure there are a few stinkers, but more often than not Voyager was actually written well. When you encountered a great episode, it knocks it out of the ball park
Some of my favs
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
Dark Frontier
Cold Fire
Mortal Coil (yeah I know not popular, but I LIKED it.)
Dragon's teeth
Year of Hell
Barge of the Dead
...and I am sure I am forgetting a lot of others

3. The FX still hold up, particularly the space scenes. Sure Enterprise probably has the best FX, being the latest, but FX in early TNG episodes don't hold up, yet FX in early Voyager episodes still do.

4. Simply liked the design of Voyager. At the time, it still retained the traditional silhouette of dual nacelles and a semi-saucer section, but also still looked radically different and modern looking. Way better looking than a Defiant class! And the interiors were pretty slick, too. combined the utilitarianism of the TMP Enterprise refit, with the comfort of TNG Galaxy class.

5. While I wish Voyager was a little more serial, like DS9 or Season 3 Enterprise, I liked the premise of being stranded in the Delta Quadrant, and trying to get home.

6. Villains: Some say the Borg were over used, but I really liked the Borg as adversaries. I also liked the Vidiians, and thing they should have been featured more. the Kazon were sort of like the Delta Quadrant answer to Klingons, but I liked their back story.
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