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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Really enjoyed Batman #23 from last week...enjoying what Snyder is doing with Nygma right now. Snyder's take on the "I Shall become a bat" moment was very interesting and of course Capullo is just doing remarkable work on this book. Interesting the password was "cain". I wonder if that is setting up the future introduction of David Cain?

In contrast I am really disappointed in "Superman Unchained" right now. The first issue so far was the best issue. I'm not entirely certain what I thought this would be, but this isn't it. Jim Lee's art is meh IMO on this book.

Justice League Dark #23...kind of have lost interested in Trinity War, no one here seems to be reading it either lol. I have no idea what DC is doing with Shazam right now. I am assuming they have plans for him and that his origin is tied-in somehow with Pandora's Box and the whole magic concept. The whole "event" right now has been kind of a weird ride. Hopefully the conclusion next week will be...interesting.

The final issue of Legion of Superheroes was meh as well, no surprise there.
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